This outpatient program is for adolescents ages 12 – 18 who are still in school, and who have a substance use disorder, often in combination with a mental health or emotional problem.  Program includes:

  • Group counseling
  • Individual counseling
  • Care coordination
  • Family involvement
  • Intensity step-down
  • Drug screening
  • After Care programming


  • Partner with the youth to develop a therapeutic alliance
  • Develop a realistic plan for change, with goals and clear strategies geared toward adolescents, that promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Identify environmental and emotional triggers for use and mental health issues
  • Assist youth in developing new insight into behaviors and consequences
  • Develop age appropriate strategies for change and practical coping skills to avoid relapse and increase quality of life
  • Engage with the family and community to develop a solid support system and an effective continuing care plan
  • Teach and encourage ongoing solid skills use, good nutrition, exercise, and overall physical and emotional health
  • Teach and practice recreational and social activities that exclude the use of alcohol and other drugs

Download the What to Expect: Adolescent Substance Use Disorder Treatment/Co-Occurring Program PDF file by clicking: 




Program Schedule:  Three – 2 hour groups for 10 weeks. Step down to one – 2 hour group for 10 weeks. Weekly individual sessions throughout treatment.



Duration: Approximately 20 weeks depending on individual progress. Patients will be assessed for programming level of need.

For more information on our programs and scheduling, please contact our coordinators.

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