How To Access Form Submissions on WordPress

If you haven’t yet registered on the website, please visit to register for an account.

After you fill out the form you will see the following page, and be directed to check your email for how to activate your account.

You will receive and email to the email address you registered.  This MUST BE your company email address.  The email you will receive will have a link that you will need to click to activate your account.  The email will look like the picture below.

Once you activate your account, you will be redirected to a page that confirms your account being active.  This page will contain your username and password that you set up.  Make sure you remember your user name and password.  Keep it in a secure location.  You alone are responsible for securing your information.  All logins are tracked and time stamped for HIPAA compliance.

Once your account is activated, an administrator will set your access level so that you may view, print and save submitted forms.  Remember, every form you access is logged for security.  Please remember to only access forms you’re permitted to access.  If you have any questions about which forms you’re able to view, please reach out to your direct supervisor.

Now that your account is active you can log in and view forms at  The log in page will look like the image below.

Once you’re logged in, you will now be able to access forms.  On the left of the screen you’ll see the ‘Dashboard’.  You will click on HIPAA Forms and that will bring you to a page that looks like the image below.

Here you can see a list of the forms, listed in order of most recently submitted.  You can pick from a variety of options at this point on how you’d like to access/store the forms.  When you click ‘Generate PDF’ you’ll be asked to assign a password to the file.  This password is unique only to you.

Click Generate PDF

Specify a password that will be used to open the encrypted PDF

Click Open PDF

You will be redirected to a secure site located at and a box for your password will be in the middle of your screen.

Enter your password

You now have the full form you can print or save and it will always be password protected.

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