Healing, Empowerment, and Recovery from Trauma

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Girls Circle H.E.A.R.T. is a 16 week psycho-educational support group for girls from diverse backgrounds between the ages of 13-18. The curriculum provides a safe environment for girls to learn what sexual abuse and sexual violence is and its impact. Girls do not have to be identified as survivors of sexual abuse or violence, to participate in this group. This group is intended to provide girls with the education, skills, support, and resource information that they can utilize whether or not they have experienced abuse. If girls have experienced sexual abuse, this group will provide them with a safe space to talk about it only if and when they are ready to do so, girls will learn that sexual abuse is not their fault, and they will learn how to use support and resources to begin the healing process. All girls will be able to use the skills and resources gained in this curriculum for any personal trauma they may have experienced. Girls will gain an understanding of how to manage the effects of trauma in safe and healthy ways, develop new coping skills, develop positive relationships, and recognize their own strengths and resiliency.
Accepts commercial insurance, Medical Assistance (MA), and Pre-Paid Medical Assistance Programs (PMAP).


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