Marriage and Family Therapy/Social Work/Clinical Counseling & Psychology Interships

Each year we have available slots for interns in our community-based programs at all of our locations.

  • Our intern program starts in the fall and it is a one-year commitment
  • We begin taking applications in the early part of the year.
  • We conduct interviews in the early months as most students need to secure their site by early spring
  • We take approximately 15 interns a year.
  • We will continue to interview until our slots are filled.

Interns will gain the knowledge to integrate:

  • Diagnostic Assessments
  • Treatment Plans
  • Progress Notes
  • Concurrent Documentation
  • Ability to build rapport and join with a client
  • Ability to maintain rehabilitative function for their clients
  • Knowledge of working with a multi-disciplinary team
  • Exposure to working in a multi-program agency

We accept Masters-level interns working on their degree in:

  • Social Work (2nd year)
  • Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Counseling/Psychology

Below are some brief snippets of information regarding the internships:

  • Each intern will begin by shadowing our practitioners in the community.
  • Each intern will receive an appropriate caseload of clients to serve.
  • Interns work under the supervision of a licensed professional and will receive supervision,
    both individual and group.
  • Each intern will have opportunities to observe clinical work in other divisions of our agency
    such as Psychological Testing, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Psychiatry/Medication Management,
    Chemical Dependency Treatment, and Adult Day Treatment.
  • Interns go through our program in a cohort and will have a monthly cohort meeting with
    opportunities to hear from interns in other divisions as well as listen to additional training topics.

We are currently accepting resumes.

Please send to:
Nystrom & Associates, Ltd.
Brighton Professional Building
Attn: Human Resources
1900 Silver Lake Road, Suite 110, New Brighton, MN 55112
or e-mail: humanresources@nystromcounseling.com

Available Internships

Adult Mental Health Day Treatment Internships
APPIC-Approved Doctorate Level Psychological Testing Internships

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