What can I expect on my first visit?

  • When you and your child arrive at the clinic, our front desk staff will check your child in and make sure we have received all required forms prior to your appointment. Any uncompleted or additional forms will need to be completed at this time. A parent or guardian must be present for the entire appointment unless arrangements have been made with the clinic ahead of time in rare situations where this may not be possible.
  • Your child’s psychiatric provider will spend up to ninety minutes with you and your child discussing their medical, social, family and mental health history, current medications, and treatment goals. After the appointment, you will meet with a Patient Care Coordinator to review the visit and confirm your child’s next follow-up appointment.
  • Please note that your psychiatric provider will be focused primarily on the medication management portion of your mental health care. If you are looking for talk therapy, our registration staff would also be happy to schedule you with a therapist or other desired services we offer.

The following forms are required prior to your child’s appointment along with the time you will need to complete them:               

  1. Patient Intake Form (30-45 minutes)– click orange text to open
  • This form will consist of the majority of paperwork we require prior to your child’s appointment. This form will help your provider get an overview of your child’s history and current concerns. Your provider will discuss with you the information provided in this form during the appointment. Please complete and sign these forms and email HIM@nystromcounseling.com or fax to 651-628-0411.
  1. Releases of Information (5-10 minutes)- click orange text to open
  • You may use this form to allow us to receive medical records from any past or current providers involved in your child’s care.  Examples include a case manager, school, previous medication provider, therapist, previous psych testing provider, etc. Please complete and sign these forms and email HIM@nystromcounseling.com or fax to 651-628-0411.
  1. Patient Portal Sign-up- click orange text to open
  • This form is the first step in setting up your online Follow My Health portal, which will assist you in communicating with your child’s provider, requesting appointments, setting up text and email reminders, and submitting medication renewal requests. Due to legal and privacy concerns related to adolescents, a proxy account may only be established for children up to the age of 12. Between the ages of 13 and 17 parents may not have proxy account access, nor may the adolescent sign up for their own account
  1. Guardianship
  • It is assumed legal guardianship is shared by the child’s parents unless we receive legal documentation otherwise. Any documentation regarding guardianship arrangements must be sent in 48 hours prior to your child’s appointment. If it is not received, the appointment may be cancelled.
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