Adult Day Treatment

What is ADT?

Adult Day Treatment (ADT) is a group experience, providing structure, support, and therapy
for mental health concerns. It is client-centered, focusing on topics a participant needs or wants
to talk about. Participants will have the opportunity to connect with peers who can relate to and
understand their mental health concerns in a non-judgmental supportive environment.


• Develop and enhance psychiatric stability with the goal of recovery from mental illness
• Develop and enhance independent, community living and socialization skills
• Support personal and emotional adjustments and growth
• Foster healthy coping skills to enhance the quality of life

*This group is beneficial for individuals needing more intensive/structured support as a
step down from inpatient or partial hospitalization.

Length of Treatment

Treatment is provided 3-5 days per week (with a minimum of one day per week), three hours per day.
The average length of time in treatment is 6-8 weeks.


All clients must be 18 years of age or older and have a mental health diagnosis.


NAL accepts and bills most commercial insurance plans, PMAPs, and Medical Assistance.


New Brighton
Otsego/Elk River
Eden Prairie

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