Angela Ly

Employment Information:

Job Title: CTSS Mental Health Practitioner

Credentials: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Joined: 2019
Years of Experience: eight months
Services: Children’s Therapeutic Services and Supports (CTSS)
Locations: Community Based

Educational Information:

Undergraduate College/University: Augsburg University
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Graduate College/University: I am graduate student currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Counseling and Psychological Services at the Saint Mary's University of Minnesota.

Personal Information:

Clinical Approach:
My clinical approach is person-centered.

Clinical Interests:
I am interested in working with the child and adolescent population. I've worked with children and families for most of my life. I have had a great deal of experience working with children of all age ranges, from infants to 9 years of age as well as other ages. I would love to continue working with children and their families and I am also interested in working with adolescents as well. When I was thirteen years old, I have provided child care for families in my neighborhood for four years. After I graduated from high school, I started babysitting my niece and nephew for my half-sister for six years. I have been a babysitter for a total of ten years.

Personal Interests:
I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy reading books, cooking, gardening, and running. Fitness and health is very important to me. I try to get out of the house to run at least two or three times a week.