Priscilla (Percy) Kruse

Employment Information:

Job Title: Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor

Credentials: LADC

Joined: 2011
Years of Experience: 10
Services: Substance Use Disorder Treatment
Locations: Eden Prairie Clinic

Educational Information:

Undergraduate College/University: University of Iowa
Undergraduate Degree: BA

Graduate College/University: Hazelden Graduate School of Addicition Studies
Graduate Degree: MA

Personal Information:

Clinical Approach:
The population with whom I work, suffers from shame, isolation, fractured relationships, legal problems, and more. And so do their families. My job is to help lift patients and their loved ones out of the hole substance use has dug and give them hope. Substance dependence and mental health concerns go hand-in-hand and I am happy to be practicing in a mental health clinic where patients have the additional support of therapy, medication management, marriage counseling, and psych testing. The inner disciplinary approach to substance dependence gives patients several opportunities to sustain recovery because being sober is just one step.

Clinical Interests:
Adult substance use disorder care.

Personal Interests:
Skiing, golf, tennis and bridge.