Rebecca Dunne

Employment Information:

Job Title: ARMHS Mental Health Practitioner
Joined: 2015
Years of Experience: 5
Services: Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS) Behavioral Health Home Program
Locations: Community Based Woodbury Clinic

Educational Information:

Undergraduate College/University: UW River Falls
Undergraduate Degree: BS psychology

Graduate College/University: UW STOUT
Graduate Degree: MS Marriage and Family Therapy

Personal Information:

Clinical Approach:
I am open to most clinical approaches but I lean more towards a solution focused approach while incorporating family, friends, and supports into a systemic approach. I am also a big fan of strengths based approaches to help build confidence and mindfulness around ones own abilities to navigate their mental health and be in charge of their health care.

Clinical Interests:
I have a strong interest in vulnerable populations. I am an LGBTQIAP affirmative practitioner who has a passion for advocating for minorities. I have learned to work with many different cultures from my own and I enjoy learning cultural beliefs and values of others. I have a strong passion for working with perinatal and postpartum mental health disorders and have received specialty training in this area. I believe personal growth is achieved when one lives in the moment, reserves judgement and is open to all beliefs that are held by others. I also have a passion for combining animals with healing and enjoy learning and conducting research in animal assisted psychotherapy.

Personal Interests:
I enjoy spending time with my husband and children, horse back riding, walking with my dogs, and enjoying nature. My favorite activity in the summer is to go trail riding on my horse and to go on vacation with my family. I enjoy reading and sitting in front of the fire place having a movie marathon with my family in the winter.