Rick Todd

Employment Information:

Job Title: Outpatient Mental Health Professional

Credentials: Licensed Psychologist (L.P.)

Joined: 2019
Years of Experience: 37 years (10 yrs inpatient mental health/crisis, 25 years in corrections, 3-4 years o.p. assessment/counseling
Services: Outpatient Therapy
Locations: Coon Rapids Clinic

Educational Information:

Undergraduate College/University: University of Minnesota Minneapolis
Undergraduate Degree: B.A.

Graduate College/University: University of Minnesota Duluth
Graduate Degree: M.A.

Personal Information:

Clinical Approach:
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Faith-Based Counseling

Clinical Interests:
Depression, Anxiety, Anger Management, Spirituality, Grief, Criminal Thinking

Personal Interests:
I am an ordained Episcopal deacon of 16 years and I am busy with and enjoy working at our youth events and participating in the various liturgies and helping others in need. I enjoy traveling with my wife, spending time with my family at the lake, waterskiing, downhill skiing, ice-skating, fishing, boating, hunting, doing work with and riding my four-wheeler, traveling with my wife, and just spending time with my family.

Behavioral Health Certifications:
Clinically Certified Forensic Counselor (C.C.F.C.)