Alizandra Johnson

Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor

Alizandra Johnson
License: LADC
Year Joined: 2022
Years of Experience:
Maple Grove Clinic

Substance Use Disorder Treatment
Undergraduate School: Bemidji State University
Undergraduate Degree: BS
Clinical Interests:

SUD treatment and treatments off the beaten path so to speak such as equine therapy, horticulture therapy, art therapy, et cetera.

Clinical Approach:

Something I am very passionate about in the SUD treatment field is client centered care. In the last several years I have worked with several different populations including but not limited to: LGBTQ+, survivors of trafficking/exploitation, anishinaabe peoples, at risk youth. In working with diverse populations, I have learned that every client is their own individual person so treatment should be individualized based on the client. I employ motivational interviewing and the bio/psycho/social model as well.


I enjoy spending time with my son and cats. My son has helped me understand patience more than I thought I did. Every day I learn from him as he learns from me. I also enjoy swimming, fishing, cooking, and jigsaw puzzles.

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