Annelise Strommen

Outpatient Mental Health Professional

License: LICSW
Year Joined: 2022
Years of Experience:
Apple Valley Clinic

Outpatient Therapy
Undergraduate School: Augustana University
Undergraduate Degree: BA, English and Religion
Graduate School: University of Chicago
Graduate Degree: MSW
Clinical Interests:

My clinical interests include concepts from Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Recovery Literature, Trauma Recovery Literature, Addiction Studies, and Mindfulness Meditation.

Clinical Approach:

I am interested in the human spirit and how it is nurtured to grow into greater health and wholeness. This process looks different for each individual and is shaped by his/her/their goals, needs, values, capacities and motivation for change. My approach to guiding the therapeutic process involves unconditional positive regard for each person, an identification of areas for growth, ongoing adaptability as new goals or needs emerge, skill building, and a balance of challenge and acceptance.


I enjoy traveling, music, the natural world, sports, and lingering time with friends and family.

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