Heidi Hodgins

Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor
License: Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor MN Board and Behavioral Health
Year Joined: 2018
Years of Experience: 8 years
Undergraduate School: Metropolitan State University
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelors of Science in Addiction Counseling
Clinical Interests:
I enjoy working with clients who struggle with Substance Use Disorders or maybe who have Substance Use related consequences which may require an assessment.
Clinical Approach:
I will always do my best to try to meet clients where they are at within my license and ability to do so. I believe clients benefit from involved in informed decision making if they are able to. We all have the answers sometimes we need a little help getting to what that answer may be.
Iowa Hawkeye football and really any college football. I enjoy fishing and spending time at the cabin. I love being a mo. and am very family oriented.
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