Izaak Davison-Kerwood

License: (In progress) ATR, LPCC
Year Joined: 2020
Years of Experience: 5 years.
Undergraduate School: University of Minnesota
Undergraduate Degree: BA, BS
Graduate School: Adler Graduate School
Graduate Degree: MA
Clinical Interests:
I am interested in working with adolescents and adults who struggle with a variety of mood or thought disorders or challenges. For the past three years, I have worked with adults and adolescents who struggle with trauma, psychosis, and mood dysregulation. I use a cognitive-behavioral and individual psychological framework to work with my clients, we work together to identify the harmful patterns present, then to find the origin and purpose of these patterns. After, we work collaboratively to identify the beliefs or behaviors which help you the least and change these into a new helpful pattern that will help you long after we finish our work together. I also enjoy pulling in the most recent research in neuroscience practices and working towards applying a trauma-informed lens to my work with clients. Finally, I am a firm believer in the benefits of using novel and engaging materials for therapy-this does not strictly need to be talk therapy-because of this I pursued additional licensure as an art therapist and would encourage this as a potential therapeutic path. I have experience working with Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders, Anxiety Spectrum Disorders, Personality Disorders, and major mood disorders such as Major Depression and Bipolar I.
Clinical Approach:
My clinical approach is to apply a semi-structured session plan to most sessions to maximize the time spent in sessions for clients. In this time, we will work together to identify the origin and maintenance of harmful patterns in their lives. Then, using art therapy we will create various directives around identifying the influences on behavior from culture to personal traumas. Through these directives and other trauma-informed and cognitive restructuring practices, we will begin to identify core and mistaken beliefs that impact the presenting problem. Using this understanding, we then will work to create behavior plans and pattern shifts to address the influences of behaviors and any factors maintaining them. Finally, with a new pattern established, we will work together to maintain it until it replaces the old pattern. Once we succeed in this, we could work to further develop insight, focus on new target patterns, or finish our work together.
I am an avid artist in my free time, and routinely paint, sculpt, whittle, and try many other creative activities! In addition, I try to regularly exercise and pursue additional learning opportunities through reading or lectures. Currently, I have been really interested in the philosophies which have been used as the foundations for Western society, for example, Stoicism being a significant foundation of almost all modern psychotherapy. I also enjoy playing a variety of games!
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