Joel Schirvar

Outpatient Psychological Testing Clinician
License: Licensed Psychologist (LP)--Minnesota Board of Psychology License Number
Year Joined: 2014
Years of Experience: 26
Undergraduate School: St. John's University, Collegeville MN
Undergraduate Degree: BS
Graduate School: Minnesota School of Professional Psychology, Minneapolis, MN
Graduate Degree: Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology (PsyD)
Doctoral School: University of Minnesota Medical School, Division of Pediatric Neurology, Minneapolis, MN
Doctoral Degree: Pediatric Neuropsychology Fellowship
Clinical Interests:
Comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations for children with complex learning and behavior disorders of psychiatric, neurological, and neurodevelopmental etiology. Complete evaluations serve to organize and integrate (a) background data including medical and neurological data, previous neuropsychological and psychiatric evaluations, treatment history, educational information, and social history, (b) neuropsychological assessment to qualify functional strengths and deficits in the development of cognitive, academic achievement, attention, language, auditory processing, executive functions, memory, nonverbal, visual motor integration, sensory, and fine motor skills, and (c) personality assessment of emotional, behavioral, and attentional self-regulation; social development; and biological and environmental factors through clinical interview, and objective and projective testing. Provide verbal and written feedback including diagnosis and practical treatment recommendations to referral sources including parents, schools, clinics, therapists, psychiatrist/psychiatric nurse, and medical staff. Provide regular follow-up evaluations that offer a long-term view of complicated disorders.
Clinical Approach:
Help child to display their optimum levels of effort, motivation, and performance while completing comprehensive neuropsychological testing battery.
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