Lisa Weber

Outpatient Mental Health Professional

License: LGSW
Year Joined: 2022
Years of Experience:
Crystal Clinic

Outpatient Therapy
Undergraduate School: University of Minnesota
Undergraduate Degree: BA
Graduate School: University of Minnesota School of Social Work
Graduate Degree: MSW
Clinical Interests:

I am interested in trauma recovery especially recovering the connection to one's body and emotions. An integral part of this is being able to tell your story, have a trusted person hear you, while staying connected to your body and emotions. I also feel that exploring ones creativity can help in healing.

Clinical Approach:

I believe a therapist is there as a witness and guide to help the patient discover themselves. I don't see a therapist as someone who is "above" the client and conferring wisdom upon them but more as a collaborator. The end goal of therapy is to free the client from destructive patterns and core beliefs so they can more fully engage in their lives.


I am an animal lover and I foster rescued animals. I love music, dance, art, decorative art, antiques, architecture and travel. I love to watch documentaries and biographies. I like to take road trips.

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