Meghan Dauk


Year Joined: 2020
Years of Experience: 4.5
Mankato Clinic
Outpatient Therapy
Undergraduate School: Minnesota State University, Mankato
Undergraduate Degree: BS
Graduate School: Minnesota State University, Mankato
Graduate Degree: MS
Clinical Interests:

My interests include working with children and adolescences who have Autism, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, ADHD/ADD, Eating Disorders, and Substance Abuse disorders. I also enjoy working with families/caregivers to help them find strategies to best help their child, or adolescent, who has a mental health diagnosis. Along with helping caregivers determine how to best help their child, guiding caregivers in finding their own ways to cope with the stressors and adjustments that they experience is something I am very passionate about as well.

Clinical Approach:

DBT, CBT, and using a strengths based approach are how I conduct my counseling sessions, but I would like to recognize that each client I work with is different and therefore I keep in mind that other approaches may work better for that particular client. If I feel that a theoretical approach other than DBT or CBT would be more beneficial, I will conduct a treatment plan that corresponds with that particular approach.


I love to travel and hope to continue traveling after our world with COVID-19 becomes safe again. My dog Cece and I spend all most all of my free time together whether we are walking, taking naps, or just sitting outside. I am a huge Harry Potter fan who has read the books too many times to count, and, since I cannot cook, I love to go out to eat.

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