Samantha Laughery

DBT Lead
License: LMFT
Certification: DBT-Linehan trained
Year Joined: 2020
Years of Experience: 9 years
Undergraduate School: St Cloud State University
Undergraduate Degree: BS in Psychology
Graduate School: St. Cloud State University
Graduate Degree: MS in Marriage and Family Therapy
Clinical Interests:
I am interested in working with clients with Personality Disorders, specifically Borderline Personality Disorder. I am fully-trained in IOP DBT, and have been involved in DBT for almost 5 years. I am interested in working with clients, couples, and families struggling with anxiety, depression, conflict, transitions of life, and trauma. I am also interested in helping clients who have severe and persistent mental illness, including dissociation and/or hallucinations. I am also a LGBT-Affirmative Therapist, with the ability to work with clients who need services regarding their sexuality.
Clinical Approach:
I believe therapy to be a genuine conversation between people, and I utilize a casual approach to the process of healing. I am trained in helping couples and families, and enjoy having people involved in the therapeutic process. The more people in the office - the merrier! I utilize various family systems theory, and rely on structural, strategic, and humanistic approaches to therapy and healing.
I enjoy spending time with my family. I like hiking and being outdoors as often as possible, especially in the fall and summer. I am a fan of reading and movies, with a special place for comic book characters. I also like baking and drinking warm cups of coffee!
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