Rochester Mental Health Clinic

We’re a group of professional care providers from the fields of psychiatry, psychology, clinical social work, marriage and family therapy, and
nursing who are committed to helping individuals and families that are experiencing personal, emotional, marital, or psychological challenges.

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Our Rochester Mental Health Clinic Therapists

Ashley Camacho
Outpatient Therapy
Carl White
Outpatient Therapy Substance Use Disorder Treatment
Debra (Deb) Melton
Outpatient Therapy
Hailie Kallembach
Outpatient Therapy
Jackie Stevens
Psychiatry and Medication Services
Karen Scott
Outpatient Therapy
Kevin Petersen
Outpatient Therapy, Psychological Testing
Kimberly S. Moeller
Outpatient Therapy
Lacy Osborne
Outpatient Therapy

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If you or someone you love is suffering from psychiatric disorders, there is hope. Life with a mental disorder does not have to be a daily struggle.
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