Announcing Q4 HOPE Hero Cassandra McGee!

When Mental Health Practitioner Cassandra McGee came across a brutal car accident on her way to a client visit, she did what she always does – she jumped in to help. 

Cassandra called 9-1-1 and began assisting a person trapped inside their vehicle. She was selfless in helping someone in need and in staying with them until emergency services arrived. 

It’s for this and many other reasons we’re excited to share that Cassandra is the winner of our Quarter 4 HOPE Hero Award! 

Jean Ysbrand, Chief Human Resources Officer, and Doug Foote, Chief Operations Officer, presented her with this well-deserved recognition last week. 

Our HOPE Hero Award recognizes one person each quarter who exemplifies our HOPE Values (Humility, Optimism, Person-centered, Ethical practice). 

According to Laura, her supervisor who nominated her, “Cassandra is a conscientious, ethical, and skilled provider who is dedicated to her work with clients. She’s truly exceptional in her demonstration of the company values.” 

In addition to what she did at the accident and demonstrating why she is our HOPE Hero, once she was able to leave the accident, determined to put her patient first, Cassandra immediately went to her client appointment, finished her notes, and then took time for processing and self-care. 

When asked what motivated her actions that day, Cassandra said, “If I had a family member or someone close to me in need, I would hope someone would be there for them in the same way.” 

Please join us in congratulating Cassandra! She's our Q4 HOPE Hero! 

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