About Nystrom & Associates

We’re a group of professional care providers from the fields of psychiatry, psychology, marriage and family therapy, clinical social work, addiction treatment, and nursing who are committed to helping individuals and families that are experiencing personal, emotional, marital, or psychological challenges. We are all about helping!

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We believe that every person is valuable, worthy of kindness, love, and compassion, and has unique gifts.

Profound change is possible.

We make a difference by meeting people where they are, engaging them with dignity, and empowering them to deal with life’s challenges and be their best self.

We admire the courage and vulnerability it takes to make changes in one’s life. When someone seeks help, getting care should be easy.

It is a privilege and honor to share this journey.


To empower people to be the best version of themselves.


A world in which focusing on your mental wellbeing is recognized as a strength, getting help is easy, and every person is seen as valuable, with unique gifts.


We operate from a place of H.O.P.E.

  • Humility: Self-aware, eager to learn, see everyone on the team as valuable, share credit and responsibility.
  • Optimism: Positive attitude, actively solve problems, want to make a difference, see it as a privilege to help others.
  • People-centered: Genuinely care about people and relationships, are nonjudgmental and inclusive, treat everyone with dignity, kindness and compassion.
  • Ethical practice: Are accountable, trustworthy and honest, and act with integrity.


Our employees are passionate about serving others and enjoy working in the behavioral health and/or addiction treatment fields.

We regularly review cases in a team setting to ensure you receive a proper diagnosis and the best possible treatment outcome. We help you build a positive change in your mental health.

We also provide Clinical Education training, making sure our Providers stay up-to-date on their respective areas of treatment.


We’re in-network with most insurance companies. Our scheduling team works to match you with a Provider who will help you through your area(s) of concern. With over 1,000 Providers, we have one suited to your unique needs.

We accept all insurances including medical assistance and other state health plans. A reduced rate for uninsured private pay patients is available.

Nobody will be denied access to services due to inability to pay. There is a discounted/sliding fee schedule based on family size and income.


Every community deserves to have a high-quality behavioral health care provider. We’re continuously adding new clinics to better serve those in need and currently have 50+ locations throughout Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, and North Dakota. We also offer Telehealth Services to all 5 states.

Our History

  • 2023
    • August – East Grand Forks, MN & Greenfield, WI Clinics Open
    • July – Savage, MN Clinic Open
    • February – Fargo, ND Clinic Open
    • January – Madison & St. Louis Park Clinics Open
  • 2022
    • December – Acquired Morningsong Therapy
    • November – Appleton, WI Clinic Opens
    • October – West Des Moines, IA Clinic Opens
    • August – Fergus Falls Clinic Opens
    • June – Acquired Crossroads Counseling
    • May – Andover Clinic Opens
    • March – Crystal Clinic Opens
    • February – Cedar Rapids, IA Clinic Opens
    • January – Rochester North Clinic Opens
  • 2021
    • December – Acquired LifeWorks & SteppingStone Therapeutic
    • November – Mendota Heights Clinic Opens
    • October – Cottage Grove Clinic Opens
    • September – Big Lake Treatment Center Opens
    • September – Hugo Clinic Opens
    • July – Duluth Mall Clinic Opens
    • July – Bemidji Clinic Opens
    • July – Red Wing Clinic Opens
    • June – Alexandria Clinic Opens
    • June – Hudson, WI Clinic Opens
    • May – Eau Claire, WI Clinic Opens
    • April – Stillwater Clinic Opens
    • April – Chaska Clinic Opens
    • April – LaCrosse, WI Clinic Opens
    • April – Nystrom expands to Wisconsin
    • March – Roseville Clinic Opens
    • March – Lakeville Clinic Opens
    • March – Hutchinson Clinic Opens
    • February – Acquired Psychiatric Associates Iowa
    • January – Blaine Clinic Opens
  • 2020
    • December – Moorhead Clinic Opens
    • November – Edina Clinic Opens
    • November – Maplewood Clinic Opens
  • 2019 – Mankato Clinic Opens
  • 2018
    • October – Rochester Clinic Opens
    • August – Minnetonka Clinic Opens
    • April – Cambridge Clinic Opens
  • 2017 – Big Lake Clinic Opens
  • 2015
    • October – Bloomington Clinic Opens
    • January – St. Cloud/Sartell Clinic Opens
  • 2014 – Coon Rapids Clinic Opens
  • 2013 – Maple Grove Clinic Opens
  • 2012 – Telehealth Started
  • 2012 – Woodbury Clinic Opens
  • 2010 – Adult Day Treatment Service Begins
  • 2009 – SUD Services Begin
  • 2008 – Eden Prairie Clinic Opens
  • 2006 – Otsego Clinic Opens
  • 2005 – DBT Program Begins
  • 2002 – ARMHS Programs Begin
  • 2002 – Apple Valley Clinic Opens
  • 1997 – Baxter Clinic Opens
  • 1997 – Duluth Clinic Opens
  • 1993 – HCBS Programs Begin
  • 1992 – CTSS Programs Begin
  • 1991 – Psychiatry Services Begin
  • 1991 – Brian & Mary Ann Nystrom create Nystrom & Associates, Ltd.
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