Clinical Internship Opportunities

Nystrom & Associates offers clinical internships opportunities and practicum opportunities to provide students from a wide variety of educational disciplines the opportunity to apply traditional academic classroom learning to actual clinical experiences in a multi-program setting. We offer internships at all of our Minnesota locations.

Click on any of the links below to learn more about the internships that we offer. Please review the internship options thoroughly and determine which internship would fit your needs.

Acknowledging the contribution and impact that our dedicated students have on both our organization and the individuals they serve, we take pride in compensating our students learners. We believe that their contributions, marked by commitment and compassion, deserve acknowledgment and support. Therefore, a significant number of our internship placements are structured to provide compensation, either through competitive hourly wages or stipends, ensuring that our students are recognized for their efforts.

This initiative is a testament to our belief in the reciprocal nature of learning, where our students gain invaluable practical skills and, in turn, contribute meaningfully to our organization’s mission and the well-being of our clients. In providing compensation, we not only acknowledge the time and dedication our students invest but also empower them to focus wholeheartedly on their roles, fostering a rich and fulfilling learning environment. Our investment in our interns reflects our dedication to nurturing tomorrow’s therapists, counselors, and clinicians, ensuring they have the necessary resources and support to thrive in their educational journey, thereby shaping a brighter future for both our organization and the communities we serve.

Graduate-Level Clinical Internships

For social work, marriage and family therapy, and counseling psychology students.

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Occupational Therapy & Occupational Therapy Assistant Fieldwork Experience

For Occupational Therapy students in their Masters or Doctorate level program or Occupational Therapy Assistants in their Associate level programs.

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Substance Use Disorder/Co-Occurring Dual Track Internships

For students in a Chemical Dependency program looking for clinical experience working with adults and/or adolescents.

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Doctoral-level Clinical Internships

We offer doctoral-level clinical internships heavily focused on psychological assessments.

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Doctoral-level Clinical Practicum

This consists of shadowing a testing provider and being observed conducting intakes, administering tests, & providing result sessions, as well as conducting evaluations individually.

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