Jane Royse Roskowski

Employment Information:

Job Title: Outpatient Psychological Testing Clinician

Credentials: LP

Joined: 2019
Years of Experience: Since 1996
Services: Outpatient Therapy Psychological Testing
Locations: Minnetonka Clinic

Educational Information:

Undergraduate College/University: Abilene Christina University
Penn State University
Undergraduate Degree: BS Biology
BS Applied Behavioral Science

Graduate College/University: Johns Hopkins University
Graduate Degree: MS Clinical Community Counseling

College/University (Other- ie Med School): Ball State University
Doctoral Degree: PhD Psychology

Personal Information:

Clinical Approach:
Conceptually, psychodynamic and interpersonal. Practice-wise, CBT and Interpersonal

Clinical Interests:
Mood disorders, Trauma, Substance Abuse, Brain diseases and dysfunction, Supervision

Personal Interests:
Climbing rocks, ice climbing, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, hanging with my critters

Behavioral Health Certifications: