Practical mental health tips from real therapists.

Tips for Having a Successful Summer Break

June 3, 2021
The Nystrom & Associates provider consulted for this article is Erica Chavie, MS, School-Based Therapist/Mental Health Practitioner.   The transition from school to summer break can be a stressful period. Even though school's out and kids are excited about a break, a sense of routine can be easily lost and the aftermath...

Why Mental Health Should Be Taught in School

October 27, 2020
Mental wellness and student achievement go hand in hand. A child's mental health affects their social, emotional, and behavioral development. Since 1 in 6 U.S. youth ages 6-17 experience a mental health disorder each year, it makes sense that mental health should be taught in school. Aside from their own...

Relieving Back-to-School Stress & Anxiety

August 15, 2020
Many kids (and parents) are anxious about approaching a new school year. From hectic mornings to last-minute projects, the many activities that make up the busy schedules of the school year can be tough on both parents and students, causing intense stress and anxiety at times. Here are five ways...

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