Nutrition Therapy

Why Nutrition Therapy?

What we put into our bodies affects our mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Nutrition Therapy plays a crucial role in helping patient’s process how what we eat affects our body. There is always new information coming out on what we “should” and “should not” be eating. Our Registered Dietitians can help you sort through that information and help you identify what lifestyle changes you can make to reach your individual goals. Dietitians do not just “tell people what to eat,” but rather explore a patient’s relationship with food to help you reach your health goals.

Whether you want to pinpoint food allergies, manage your weight, or want assistance with chronic medical issues or eating disorders, our Dietitians are here for you! Let us help you translate the science behind food and nutrition and apply it to your everyday life. We’re here to listen and understand where you are at right now and how we can work with you to achieve your goals.

Nutrition Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the fact that nutrition significantly impacts our mood, behavior, and emotional health, we offer a holistic approach to treatment in our program. Our Registered Dietitians work with all age groups and individualize the nutrition goals for that client based on medical condition, social setting, and financial situation. Dietitians not only have the knowledge as to what foods and habits can help patients make changes but utilize behavior modification tailored to individuals’ needs to make lasting changes versus a “quick fix.” Nutrition Therapy emphasizes that adequate sleep and physical activity are incorporated into overall wellness in addition to healthy eating. Clients are not limited to those with mental health issues.

Reduce the impact of mental health, chronic conditions, and/or diseases such as: Depression, Anxiety, Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, PDD, High blood pressure, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Autoimmune and Inflammatory Disorders: Celiac Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Crohn’s or Colitis, Arthritis, and Gastroesophageal Reflux (GERD – Acid Reflux), Food Allergies, Sensitivities, and Intolerances, Eating Disorders, Diabetes, Stroke, Hypoglycemia, Heart Disease, Pre and Post-Gastric Bypass Surgery, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Prenatal and Post-Pregnancy/Breastfeeding, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Hypo/Hyperthyroidism, Migraines, Iron Deficiency Anemia, Constipation, Sports Nutrition

  • Learn about the impact that adequate protein, carbohydrate, and fat intake has on physical and mental health
  • Help you form healthy relationships with all foods
  • Create meal/snack ideas on a budget
  • Reduce substance use or relapse
  • Enhance medication effects and absorption
  • Get evidence-based guidance on the best nutrition tools to use for each individual’s circumstances
  • Support healthy lifestyle changes with a focus on nutrition
  • Provide relevant and science-based answers to all your nutrition questions
  • Give guidance in all things related to nutrition from food choices to supplement recommendations
  • Help support clients in their journey to wellness using nutrition education
  • Explore the impact of food on your mood in a supportive goal-oriented environment
  • Provide guidance on healthy weight loss methods that support overall health
  • Help those with disordered eating patterns recover to embrace healthy lifestyle habits

Any advice or recommendations you receive from our Dietitians will be tailored individually to the client, and their specific needs and wants. Everybody is different, meaning there is no specific plan that works for every individual. Our Dietitians will make recommendations based on information gathered from the client to help make sustainable lifestyle changes.

Of course not! Nutrition Therapy is a way of working together to reach your health goals. We start with small changes so the process is not overwhelming. We are here to help make positive changes that will make a difference in your journey. Allowing flexibility and encompassing a variety of tactics that work for your lifestyle is the goal for our Dietitians in your nutrition counseling appointments. The objective is to personalize a plan that allows you to make informed eating decisions that positively impact your life!

Nutrition Therapy Locations

We accept all insurances including medical assistance and other state health plans. A reduced rate for uninsured private pay patients is available. Forms for this program can be found on our Patient Forms page by clicking here.

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