School-Based Mental & Chemical Health

What is School-Based Mental Health?

School-Based Mental Health is a program in which Nystrom & Associates, Ltd. (NAL) places clinical mental health providers at a community school to provide therapeutic services to students who have a mental health diagnosis. The school-based therapist meets regularly with school personnel to collaborate on the needs of students. The school-based therapist is a valuable resource for the school.

The school-based therapist works with all students who qualify for mental health services. They do not need to be receiving special education services or have an individualized education plan (IEP). Guardian involvement is encouraged and recommended. The School-Based Mental Health Program serves clients through the Professional Family Based Division at NAL.

School-Based Mental Health

  • Promotes improved psychosocial health and school success in students.
  • Creates greater accessibility for families to receive mental health counseling.
  • Leads to increased communication between the family and school.
  • Students experience more academic and social support.

What We Do

NAL has been providing school-based mental health services since 2004.

What about the summer months?

In the summer months, school-based mental health therapists have the flexibility to meet with students at their home, school or community locations to continue services.

How to make a referral

Referrals are sent to the school-based therapist through identified school staff members. If you are interested in having a student see one of NAL’s school-based therapists please contact your school principal or social worker. When a student has been referred for school-based mental health services the guardian meets with the therapist to establish a need for services, create a routine schedule, and recommend any additional services that may be helpful to the family.

What is School-Linked Mental Health Services?

School-linked mental health services are provided by a student’s in-home Children’s Therapeutic Services and Support (CTSS) worker. The CTSS worker can work with the student at home, school and in community locations to help them learn to reduce any negative impacts their mental health diagnosis is having on their ability to function as normally as possible. NAL serves students through school-linked mental health services in over 100 schools throughout the state of Minnesota.

If you have any questions about the schools that we serve please contact us by calling 1-844-NYSTROM.

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