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50 Things To Do During Self-Isolation

When people ask, ‘How are you?’ the average American almost instantly replies, ‘Busy!’ This constant state of business has led to increased stress levels; especially when accompanied with little to no breaks throughout the week.

While COVID-19 brings about a lot of uncertainty, at the very least it has provided a window of opportunity to take a collective break and reflect. Many people now find themselves ‘stuck’ at home with family, spouses, or by themselves. Why not use this as a time to ‘close your doors’ and go inside both physically and mentally? Look inward to determine your needs, do some soul work, and make room for humor as we give the world a chance to catch up.

So, here’s 50 things to do during self-isolation:

1. Try out a new recipe

2. Read that book (or 12) you’ve been meaning to get to

3. Get some fresh air (go for a walk, sit in the sun)

4. Play video games

5. Ever thought about writing a book? Do it

6. Get the board/card games out

7. Journal your thoughts

8. Do a guided yoga video on YouTube

9. Organize your kitchen

10. De-clutter your closets

11. Take a bath

12. Make a face mask

13. Start a DIY project around your house

14. Experiment with photography

15. Go through your computer files

16. Go through your pictures

17. Change your phone/computer background

18. Create new playlists with your favorite songs

19. Have a movie marathon (build a fort)

20. Practice mindfulness (meditate, slow down for a day)

21. Create a home workout routine

22. Video chat a loved one

23. Unplug from social media/technology for a day

24. Paint/draw

25. Start/join a virtual book club

26. Have a spa night/day

27. Bake something new

28. Take an online class for something you’ve been wanting to learn about

29. Call a friend or family member

30. Experiment with your makeup/hair

31. Make a vision board

32. Set new goals to change your life (ideal routines, things to do)

33. Write a letter or poem for someone you love

34. Rearrange your spaces like the bedroom, living room, or the entire house

35. Strategize your finances

36. Listen to a new podcast

37. Get some much needed sleep!

38. Write a letter to your future self

39. Start a new challenge (eating clean, no coffee, going makeup free)

40. Play indoor soccer, ping pong, etc.

41. Learn a dance routine

42. Binge-watch a new series

43. Start a memory box

44. Organize/de-clutter your important papers

45. Reminisce on childhood photos and videos

46. Sew the holes in those sweaters…(or learn how to sew)

47. Whip out the arts and crafts and make something fun

48. Have an indoor picnic

49. Learn a new language

50. Deep clean your house

See how many of these you can get to during this period of reflection!

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